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Kildare Place Model School

Collection: Kildare Place Model School Collection
Object Type: Embroidery and Needlework Sample
Artist/Maker: Margaret Coyningham
Place Made: Dublin
Date: 1824
Media/Materials: paper, board, linen, cotton, wool, silk
Dimensions: overall: 45 cm x 34 cm x 5 cm


A collection of 45 sewing, knitting and embroidery specimens and two pieces of patterned paper from (one of?) the Kildare Place Model Schools in Dublin.

This collection was conserved in 2007 by a paper conservator who has remounted all the specimens using much of the original paper, reinforced and sealed in a total of 14 archival sleeves inside a new binder. Labels were all originally completed by the original compiler of the album and are yellow cartouches on a blue backing with brown ink writing, 1.5x7cm.

Sleeve 1 1-2) the original brown marbled paper covered boards of the book with Margaret Coyningham's name inscribed in ink.

Sleeve 2 1-4) samples plain needlework, each labelled. 1) "First Class, First Division” is a hemmed piece of brown cotton, 5cmx10cm;2) ” First Class, Second Division” is a hemmed piece of printed chintz in brown/white, 3.5x3.5cm; 3) Second Class, First Division” is hemmed piece of pink cotton, 5cmx10cm;” 4) Second Class, Second Division" is four 2cm squares of plain white cotton (X2) and brown chintz (x2) stitched together to form a chequered square.

Sleeve2 Reverse 1-4) samples of sewing, each labelled. 1) "Third Class, First Division” is a hemmed piece of yellow/ed cotton with a two central lines of running stitch; 2)” Third Class, Second Division" is an irregularly shaped piece made by joining 18 strips of red chintz and white cotton at an angle to each other with a central seam to form a chevron pattern 12 x 17 cm; 3) "Fourth Class, First Division” is a piece of hemmed white cotton with four fine lines of running stitch in red and green thread, 3.2x7.6cm; 4)” Fourth Class, Second Division" is a piece of white cotton (discoloured) with five fine lines of running stitch, 2.7 x 7.6cm.

Sleeve3 1-3) three samples of buttonholes and buttons and 4)one of frilling, each labelled. 1)"Fifth Class, First Division” is a piece of white cotton bound with brown stitching with five button holes also bound with brown stitching, 4.2x7.5 cm;2) ” Fifth Class, Second Division" is a piece of white cotton bound with red stitches in the form of triangles. Five button holes bound in green stitching and two red buttons made of red thread, 4.5x7.5cm. "Sixth Class, First Division" (blank here) and 3) "Seventh Class, First Division" is a square of white cotton with three stitched pin tucks and a gathered, hemmed frill all round, 10x11cm.

Sleeve 3 reverse 1) sampler labelled "Elementary(?) Class Specimen" . Consists of panel with zig-zag border, letters of alphabet, numbers 1-6 in brown and initials M.C and K.P with embroidered flowers, 17.5 x12.5cm

Sleeve 4 1) sampler labelled "Eighth Class Second Division" consisting of a panel with complex zig zag border, letters of alphabet in capitals, the numbers 1-10. an alphabet in lower case, a line of embroidered foliage, a line of embroidered triangles, the initials M.C and lettering Model School/Kildare Place with an imperial crown above the date 1827,
18.5 x13cm.

Sleeve 4 reverse 1) sampler labelled "Eighth Class Third Specimen" Consisting of a panel with the capital letters of the alphabet (with the S reversed), the numbers 1-10 and the date 1827, 16x11.5cm

Sleeve 5 1) sampler labelled "Eighth Class Fourth Specimen" , the letters and numbers faded beyond recognition, 15.5x11cm

Sleeve5 reverse 1-6) six samples of darning in red and green stitching in various patterns on white ?linen pieces labelled "Ninth Class First Division” up to "Ninth class, Sixth Division", each 8x7.5cm DESCRIPTION CONTINUES AT S:\Collections\Collections Jane Kidd\COLLECTIONS Kildare Place Model School\Collection of 45 embroidery and needlework specimens and two pieces of patterened paper from.doc

Object Number: ABDRG2011.18