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The Art & Heritage Collections at Robert Gordon University began with the collection of some 400 oil paintings which were retained by Gray's School of Art in the 1950s and 60s as examples of student work. Other types of Fine Art such as drawing and sculpture, and Applied Art such as ceramics and glass were occasionally added, as were works of art held by the University or its predecessor institutions. Associated collections such as the Needlework Development Scheme, the Cast Collection, and the Richard Ross Robertson Collection were also added. Today we collect methodically from Gray's Degree shows each year, acquiring examples across the range of the art students' final year work.

These nucleus collections, which became a formal entity in 1994, attracted other items from the history of RGU as various schools came and went over the years within the Robert Gordon Technical College, Institute of Technology and eventually, Robert Gordon University. Among these defunct Schools were the Aberdeen School of Domestic Science, and the Aberdeen School of Navigation which are commemorated by the items we hold. Meanwhile we continue to collect and display items from the School of Engineering and the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences and in future we will continue to collect objects and photographs from these and the other RGU Schools and Departments to reflect the history and achievements of Robert Gordon University.


We endeavour to publish images on our website of all our objects, including artwork whose copyright is owned by the artist. We make every effort to contact the copyright holder and obtain permission from them before doing so. However, if you see your copyright property displayed without permission, please contact us at the address below and the image will be removed as soon as possible pending further investigation.

Please note, we do not sell or otherwise profit from the use of images.