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Dance Hall in a Holiday Camp. Drawing No 2

Collection: School of Architecture Collection - 2000
Object Type: Architectural Drawing
Artist/Maker: Benton, Gordon G
Date: 1955
Media/Materials: paper
Dimensions: overall: 75.6 cm x 60.7 cm
Classification: Architecture


Drawing number 2. . Showing steel plan and section for a dance hall. Work shows North east elevation, south west elevation and plan. Scaled to 1/82 - 1 foot. One of a set of 3 drawings (numbers 2,3,4) detailing the designs for a dance hall in a holiday camp. Each of these works is a tracing in black ink on tracing paper. There is also an additional sheet of paper (non tracing) attached to the back of every sheet of tracing paper by the use of sellotape in each corner. This work is from 5th year finals. Part I.

Object Number: ABDRG2009.491.1

From the School of Architecture at RGU, formerly Robert Gordon’s Technical College.

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