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TitleMakerDate Made
Holland Street Sheltered HousingFleck, David2011View
Kirkwall Projectunknown1969View
Kirkwall Projectunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project place of birth, area 1unknown1969View
Kirkwall Project place of birth, area 2unknown1969View
Kirkwall Project place of birth, area 3unknown1969View
Kirkwall Project place of birth, area 4unknown1969View
Kirkwall Project place of birth, area 5unknown1969View
Kirkwall Project place of birth, area 6unknown1969View
Kirkwall Project place of birth, area 7unknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, a sign for Orkney tweedunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, close up of bishop's palaceunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, Colured pastel drawing showing gable ends and MorrisTravellerunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, drawing in ink of Bridge Street and Albert Streetunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, Drawing of buildings, residentialunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, garden house surveyunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, ink drawing showing the back of Albert Streetunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, isohyets mapunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, loacation planunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, map detailing wind distributionunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, map of Kirkwall Burghunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, map of the Orkney Islandsunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, map of UK.unknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, sketch of row of buildings including bishop's palaceunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, Sketch of Tankerness Houseunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project, sun path diagramunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; Book signunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; Bridge St Wynd signunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; J.&W'. TATT signunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; Lipton signunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; Pegasus signunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; photo of backs of buildingsunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; photo of gothic facadeunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; photo of landscapeunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; photo of residential area, shop front and peopleunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; photo of shopsunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; photo residential streetunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; photo, houses and alleywayunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; photo, roadunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; photo; residential setting; waterunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; photo; rockfaceunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; sign/title boardunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; small profits quick returns signunknown1969View
Kirkwall Project; Strynd signunknown1969View
Public Library, St AndrewsCameron, Alexander2011View
Shop-Spa St/ Raeburn PlunknownView
Student conservation project Crathes Castle.1Edwards, DavidView
Student conservation project, Wellington Bridge.1Schelde, Lasse2003View
Student conservation project, Wellington Bridge.2Schelde, Lasse2003View
Student conservation project, York Place Iron Works.1Nielsen, Signe Lynge2003View
Student conservation project, ??Kirk of St Nicolas Church.1Mutturamalinggam, MethiniView
Student conservation project, ??Kirk of St Nicolas Church.2Mutturamalinggam, MethiniView
Student conservation project, Crathes Castle.1Edwards, DavidView
Student conservation project, St Machar's Cathedral.1Mathers, YonneView
Student conservation project, St Machar's Cathedral.2Mathers, YonneView
Student conservation project, Yyork Place Iron Works.2Nielsen, Signe Lynge2003View